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About CIP Reporting

In the world of software seemingly anything is possible

In 2006, CIP Reporting's co-founder and CEO, Jason Riffel, took stock of what appeared to be a glaring need in not only reporting software, but reporting process. With a vision to create an engine flexible enough to be configured to match any number of log and report types, the differentiator came by way of the ability to have those documents follow a specific process.

Whether following an approval process, automating compliance requirements, or simply creating a log file, CIP Reporting is a software platform capable of managing any document type and any defined workflow. Every CIP Reporting customer approaches us with unique requirements, and as a result every CIP Reporting implementation is unique.

Jason Riffel

CEO and Co-Founder

Jason is the co-founder and CEO of CIP Reporting. As CEO, Jason's combined years of gaming industry knowledge, coupled with a product vision to see an underserved market for incident reporting, lead to his taking the first steps in creating this platform... And CIP Reporting was born. While taking that vision from conception to market, Jason realized no two customers were alike and put into motion a plan to answer the opportunity with a solution capable of unparalleled configurability.

Jason's product vision shaped what is now CIP Reporting, an enterprise grade Business Process Management solution capable of serving a variety of industries and verticals beyond gaming and incident reporting.

Prior to the full launch of CIP, Jason spent 4 years as Director of Software development for Parature Inc., 3 years as CTO of Biometrica Systems (subsidiary of L1 Identity NASDAQ - ID), 5 years as the owner of a product engineering firm, and 10 years of product consulting around the nation during the tech boom.

Dan Roy

CFO and Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding CIP Reporting, Dan spent 3 years as the President of Biometrica Systems - a subsidiary of L1 Identity Solutions and a leading provider of facial recognition and database software to the gaming industry. While at Biometrica Dan was instrumental in setting the overall strategic direction and updating the company's product offering to reposition the organization's path for growth and stability.

Dan and Jason have been friends and colleagues for better than 12 years. Completely in tune with one another's professional styles and approach to problem solving, their pairing to start CIP Reporting will see the organization elevate to great heights.

Dan has over 15 years of experience with small business operations, strategy and finance. He's worked as a CPA for Arthur Andersen, a strategy consultant for Andersen Consulting, and has held senior management positions in several start-up ventures. Dan holds an MBA in Strategy, Marketing and Finance from the University of Chicago Business School.

Larry Wimble

VP of Engineering

Larry joined CIP Reporting as the VP of Engineering in 2011. With a focus on taking ownership of CIP Reporting's product development duties, Larry has become instrumental in forging CIP Reporting's direction forward. With a strong work ethic and unmatched product knowledge, Larry is ever focused on completing projects on time and within budget. And with a demonstrated aptitude for quick learning and adaptation to complex new concepts and technologies, he meets project challenges head on.

Prior to joining CIP, Larry owned and operated two successful contract engineering firms for over 10 years. As well, Larry has worked with Jason on various projects over the last 15 years with great success. With over 22 years' experience in software and technology, Larry has developed over 50 software and hardware products, been issued 2 patents, and possesses proven management and leadership skills. All of these accomplishments and skills made Larry the ideal candidate to head CIP Reporting's Product Engineering.

Matt Tiede

VP of Support and Operations

As a long-time friend and colleague of Jason's, Matt has been helping with trade show efforts and keeping a close eye on CIP Reporting for several years all while working as a full time production IT engineer at the College Board. Matt finally came on board full time in February 2013 as the VP of Support and Operations. Matt combines enterprise IT wisdom, years of IT customer service, and a calm and thoughtful demeanor to perform the ultimate job duty in a growing product company; Customer Service, Support, and Operations.

Matt is a long time technologist having worked in multiple capacities within technology organizations over his 14 year career. A certified MCITP Enterprise Administrator, Matt has experience in server virtualization, VMWare, Active Directory, domain administration, installed and Cloud based software architecture, and product implementation. Matt's strong IT background combined with excellent customer service skills make him critical to the success of CIP Reporting and the obvious choice to implement a standard of unmatched customer satisfaction.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“ After reviewing a number of other systems, I purchased the CIP report writing system in 2009 for Casino Metro in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In the future I will continue to recommend the CIP reporting system to my clients. ”

Stephan Coleman - Security Systems Consultant

Casino Metro

“ Of all the software we use in our surveillance department, CIP is quite possibly the most important. The logs, reports, and statistics created using CIP are essential to the overall operation of the entire casino and resort. ”

Cory Ballew - Surveillance Manager

Hard Rock Albuquerque