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Casino Gaming

Designed with the Casino Gaming Industry in Mind

The Casino Gaming Industry is as highly documented as any industry in business today. Be it Surveillance, Security, Human Resources, Risk Management, State, Federal or Gaming Commission compliance management, and even Title 31 and IRS compliance, the Casino Gaming Industry writes an awful lot of reports. CIP Reporting empowers casino personnel to manage daily logs and Incident Reporting in Surveillance and Security as well as Human Resources and Regulatory Compliance requirements from a single application.

The engine that makes CIP Reporting go is ignited through a fully configurable defined business process. Each process is written according to certain actions allowing the user to create those defined processes for the predetermined path a report will follow. For example, an incident report can be escalated to a case for chain of custody and evidence management per a specific investigation process allowing a number of investigators and senior management to provide details and feedback to the report while keeping data integrity in tact.

Every CIP Reporting customer is empowered to create these rules per that establishment's requirements thus meeting regulatory compliance and operational best practices. CIP Reporting provides its customers the tools to add new roles and permissions, report groups, fields, and more allowing for unmatched scalability.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“ I've recently purchased CIP Reporting for my new property. The fact that it's been less than two months that my staff and I have been using CIP Reporting and we have successfully integrated CIP into all event logging, report writing and documentation that we need to accomplish every shift in such a short time is a clear testament to the ease of use and customization that this program has. ”

Jesse Silva - Director of Surveillance

Valley Forge Surveillance

“ With multiple sites across the state of Oklahoma, the Surveillance Department was in need of a better way of compiling and saving reports to be consistent across the brand. The staff at CIP Reporting was supportive in demonstrating how we could customize their product to fit our department needs and always available to answer questions during development and installation of the product. ”

David Jordan - Surveillance Training Officer

Choctaw Nation