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Mardi Gras Casino

Chuck Lewis - Assistant General Manager

First and foremost, CIP software solutions, the Company and Employees are one of the best groups of people, products and company I have had the pleasure to buy from and work with, hands down. CIP software is the best product on the market for reporting and tracking incidents, logs, investigations and audits.

In 2008, while I was the Surveillance Director I was directed to Jason Riffel and CIP Reporting's Software. After reviewing several other products, which all were based off a police format, we demoed CIP, conducted property trials and had several conversations with Jason.

At that time, we determined based on meeting our needs and cost, we purchase the CIP software. It was the only software on the market that was tailored to fit the Casino industry and our property. After working with Jason and CIP, they were able to tailor the software even more to exceed our needs and expectations.

Since our purchase, CIP has met and exceeded all our reporting requirements for all our departments. It is our primary reporting system for Security and Surveillance. We also use it across other operating departments in one form or another. Examples: New hire information, Parking Stickers, Compliance Reporting and Audits, Investigations, Safety Reporting, and Project Request and Tracking. CIP software has truly launched our surveillance, security and company to the next level when it comes to reporting and tracking of information, incidents, investigations and audits.

CIP software increased our overall productivity in all departments. It has greatly improved report writing due to the ease of finding and writing reports. It is easy to distribute reports to all departments. It makes it easy to research past occurrences and to find all related reports. It is effortless to instantly recall any report or log entry with the search function. It is simple to import data from prior reports, entries or forms. For Directors and Management, it runs a wide variety of analytics against your database. It has a powerful workflow and permissions system that allows different levels of approvals. It tracks and audits every change made to a report or log entry and allows you to view all previous revisions of a report or logs even after the changes have been made, and who made the changes.

CIP's customer service, employees and attention to detail surpass all other companies I have worked with during my career. The level of professionalism and personal care provided to our company by CIP and Jason. CIP is by far one of the most valuable tools any company or surveillance and security department will ever purchase. I have and would recommend CIP to any company or surveillance and security department.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“ I've recently purchased CIP Reporting for my new property. The fact that it's been less than two months that my staff and I have been using CIP Reporting and we have successfully integrated CIP into all event logging, report writing and documentation that we need to accomplish every shift in such a short time is a clear testament to the ease of use and customization that this program has. ”

Jesse Silva - Director of Surveillance

Valley Forge Surveillance

“ The software is user friendly for management to set up and create reports. I am able to pull valuable information from the daily logs and with a couple of clicks on the keyboard; I can create impressive reports to send to the Directors of the company. ”

Melanie Alcorn - Surveillance Manager

Remington Park