Advantages of SaaS Over On-Premises Deployments

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As data security and privacy standards attract increased scrutiny—both from customers and regulators—organizations may find themselves leaning towards on-premises software hosting in an attempt to maintain ultimate control. It’s a natural reaction as there are still skeptics about the safety of outside, cloud-based software. But where on-premises software may seem like the sure thing, SaaS (Software as a Service) is continuously proven to be more nimble, scalable, cost-efficient—AND secure.

For industries with highly sensitive security needs, SaaS has become a trusted solution thanks to its ability to exceed compliance requirements. Ongoing developments and trust in cloud platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Services) have fueled SaaS’s dominance over on-premises deployments, prompting many organizations to make the switch.

If you’re still an on-premises leaning organization, here’s what you can expect with SaaS:

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Perhaps the greatest selling point is that with SaaS, organizations often save substantially on labor, hardware, and software. To effectively manage the backend of the application, on-premises deployments require dedicated personnel with the technical skills to manage the application servers and software. Comparatively, SaaS eliminates the need for your team to manage, support, and maintain backend hardware, software, and network infrastructure. Plus, SaaS offers a predictable fee structure, so you will no longer need to worry about finding unanticipated dollars for a new server or other equipment. With SaaS, your team will be able to focus on what matters most—ensuring your team is using the application to its fullest.

Easy Implementation

SaaS environments can often be up and running within a matter of days, and sometimes just hours. Often, all you need is an internet connection. On the other hand, on-premises deployments can take weeks to configure servers, integrate into other systems, and train your technical team on the application’s required support and maintenance.  

Trouble-Free Management

An on-premises deployment means all maintenance falls on your shoulders. Data backups, storage, and system updates need skilled attention. With SaaS, your cloud platform partner will execute all necessary maintenance and offers options for automatic data backups. With SaaS, the burden of ensuring up-time rests on the shoulders of the SaaS provider. Troubleshooting and managing support issues are just a phone call away—the rest is taken care of for you.


Enhanced Reliability

High service level agreements (SLAs) delivered with a SaaS implementation means that you can rest assured that your application will work well regardless of the scenario. Rapid organizational growth, weather-related destruction, global pandemics—it doesn’t matter. With the scalability, redundancy, load balancing, and disaster recovery built into a SaaS offering, you and your organization will never miss a beat. 

Exceptional Security

While the thought of connecting to your data and systems via an Internet connection may seem risky, the reality is that for most, it’s not. It is often much riskier to host your systems and data locally. Trusted and proven SaaS providers employ teams of people to ensure the most advanced and cutting-edge approaches are taken place to ensure your data remains safe. And if anything were to happen, SaaS providers manage back-ups, redundancy, and disaster recovery to ensure you are always protected.

While some industries still require their own self-hosted software, SaaS’s sophistication will continue to outpace on-premises deployments. The reality is that few organizations have the financial capital and technical ability to build a software hosting environment that nears the sophistication and security of a reputable SaaS provider.

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