Why CIP Reporting

An Unusual Blend of Simplicity, Ease of Use, and Powerful Features

Customizable solutions to illuminate your business process

Why BPM Matters to You

Business Process Management (BPM) is a type of software most people have not heard of. BPM software is much harder to build than box software but provides a much greater level of flexibility.

We Work Your Way

Being a BPM product means from the very start we embraced the idea that no two customers have the same requirements. We did not build a reporting product based on our vision; we built a reporting product capable of achieving your vision.

Modules Do Not Exist Here

In our solution you create your own "modules" by defining your documents and then building a set of rules for how people see and interact with the documents. For example, a lost and found "module" is no more than a series of documents with rules that work in harmony to show you what is in custody and what has been donated, destroyed, or returned.

Freedom to Grow and Scale

Working with a true BPM product gives you the flexibility to implement new systems as needed without waiting on us to create "modules" for you. The systems you create can all interact with each other to create a combined single solution for your needs - all built to your unique specifications.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“ First and foremost, CIP software solutions, the Company and Employees are one of the best groups of people, products and company I have had the pleasure to buy from and work with, hands down. CIP software is the best product on the market for reporting and tracking incidents, logs, investigations and audits. ”

Chuck Lewis - Assistant General Manager

Mardi Gras Casino

“ I've recently purchased CIP Reporting for my new property. The fact that it's been less than two months that my staff and I have been using CIP Reporting and we have successfully integrated CIP into all event logging, report writing and documentation that we need to accomplish every shift in such a short time is a clear testament to the ease of use and customization that this program has. ”

Jesse Silva - Director of Surveillance

Valley Forge Surveillance