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Other Industries

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One thing is for sure, if you're in business you have reporting requirements. Some of those reports and processes may be fairly simple. Others may be quite complex. And while CIP Reporting is perfectly capable of handling the simple reporting requirements, it's the complex documentation processes where CIP Reporting is truly exceptional.

We serve a number of industries through our dynamic and extensible documentation and reporting platform. CIP Reporting is extensible in that the platform can be optimized to run any number of reports and report types, and we're dynamic in that those reports can be configured to follow a specific workflow and process depending upon a defined set rules within the architecture of the software. Whether simply creating an Activity Log to manage the calls and actions of the day, or Incident Reports being written to follow multiple amendments and approvals, CIP Reporting was built around being all you'll ever need.

On top of it all, CIP Reporting comes complete with an Ad-Hoc Reporting and Analytics engine. Anything our software platform captures is a data point capable of being fed into a visual analytics engine to measure performance, compliance, and risk.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“ I believe I have the best product out there for the cost and the adaptability of the CIP program to meet our reporting requirements. I received what I wanted from day one through the tireless efforts from CIP Reporting to meet our needs and at times they have gone beyond the call to ensure that we are 100% satisfied. ”

Dennis Lapinski - Director of Surveillance

Augustine Casino

“ My department started with CIP about a year and half ago. Jason and his team have been very receptive to our needs. They listened to what we wanted in our system and built a custom system that met our needs. It has improved our Lost and Found process as he (Jason) built a custom system to suit our specific needs. ”

Gilbert Morrissey - Executive Director of Security

Valley Forge Security