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Shipping and Logistics

Precision Risk Management and Opertional Safety

Risk Management and Incident Reporting are huge parts of adhering to Federal safety guidelines and regulations in the shipping and logistics industry and CIP Reporting is the answer to managing those processes. Whether you've had a driver who's had an accident on the road, you're reporting a workplace injury, or if a pallet came crashing down off a forklift in the warehouse, CIP Reporting can quickly and easily build out the Incident Report and follow it through investigation, proposed resolution, and report closure while managing an unlimited number of data points within the report itself.

Accidents happen on the road, this we know. But it's how the accident is handled as it relates to the health and wellbeing of the driver / operator, other involved parties, and of course what's in the best interest of the company that makes the difference. Often times that process is broken and disjointed, and with information changing hands outside of a defined process, a good deal of information can be misrepresented if not all together lost.

CIP Reporting provides users a single source to generate logs and reports while determining access levels and escalations based on login credentials and permissions. Whether it's an operator creating the report, and investigator editing and appending the report with evidence and additional information, or a Safety and Compliance manager approving the report before sending it on to its final destination, CIP Reporting enables the entire workflow to be managed and tracked end to end increasing product efficiency and protecting data integrity.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“ I've recently purchased CIP Reporting for my new property. The fact that it's been less than two months that my staff and I have been using CIP Reporting and we have successfully integrated CIP into all event logging, report writing and documentation that we need to accomplish every shift in such a short time is a clear testament to the ease of use and customization that this program has. ”

Jesse Silva - Director of Surveillance

Valley Forge Surveillance

“ Kearney Regional Medical Center approached CIP Reporting to build an incident reporting system that our entire organization would be using. We went with CIP Reporting over the competitors because of the outstanding customer service we received in the bidding stage. ”

Alaina Friest, Quality Improvement/Risk Management Coordinator

Kearney Regional Medical Center