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Retail Security

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Retail monitoring and Retail Security can be a tricky proposition. When there's a lot to keep an eye on and when things end up missing, or shoppers suffer an accident or an injury, the report you'll inevitably write is only as good as the information you collect. With CIP Reporting you're able to create reports and logs specific to anything from managing events to writing incident reports.

CIP Reporting makes creating specific report types and workflows a snap, and with the ability to set permissions for those who access the reports, the integrity of your data is safeguarded and reporting processes are consistent. Determine required fields for the report writer, attach images, video and other media, and determine an automated approval process. Our software is configurable to the needs of the business and the procedures set forth by the Security Director.

When CIP Reporting is up and running, your security operation will run more effectively than ever before. Easy to install, easy to implement, easy to use, and efficient beyond imagination, CIP Reporting for Retail Security is the key to maximizing the overall effectiveness of your operation.

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“ Kearney Regional Medical Center approached CIP Reporting to build an incident reporting system that our entire organization would be using. We went with CIP Reporting over the competitors because of the outstanding customer service we received in the bidding stage. ”

Alaina Friest, Quality Improvement/Risk Management Coordinator

Kearney Regional Medical Center

“ First and foremost, CIP software solutions, the Company and Employees are one of the best groups of people, products and company I have had the pleasure to buy from and work with, hands down. CIP software is the best product on the market for reporting and tracking incidents, logs, investigations and audits. ”

Chuck Lewis - Assistant General Manager

Mardi Gras Casino